Prefácio Sobre Barata Salgueiro Casas da Arriaga


On the coast near Melides stands a clutch of four separate houses, the result of a desire to accommodate those who enjoy being close to nature.

Created as artworks standing in the expanse of land, free of whimsy or ostentation, the Pa.te.os are another chapter in the transformation of Primosfera’s values into concrete form. They reflect the authenticity of the materials, the coexistence between form and function, the importance of the interior and exterior space, and the authenticity of everything that is genuinely sensory.  

With the Arrábida hills and the Atlantic visible on the horizon, time travels slowly though the space. From the inside, you can embrace the outdoors; from the outside, you sense the coziness of the house. The Pa.te.os are an invitation to live in touch with nature without abandoning the comfort of shelter. Visitors sense the ever-changing landscape, the smell of the sea, sand, resin, heat from the land, variations in air and the temperature at dusk. And it all takes place in the space between reading, a chat and a swim in the pool. 

The perfumer Lyn Harris has created an exclusive fragrance based on the olfactory memory of this place. An essence that encapsulates the juxtaposition of physical recollection and the sensory experience of life at Pa.te.os. Memory regained.

Architect: Manuel Aires Mateus
Perfumer: Lyn Harris

The four houses of the Pa.te.os have a total covered area of ​​500m2 and around 10,000m2 of outdoor areas divided into private gardens, swimming pool and gardened green spaces.

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