Prefácio Sobre Barata Salgueiro Casas da Arriaga

Casas da Arriaga

Built in 1888 as a single-family residence, the two buildings in Rua da Arriaga parallel to the river have been reinvented with the same aim as that of their original owner: the idea of inheritance and continuity, of houses that are places to which one returns and where memories are created.  

In the distinguished Lapa neighbourhood – whose serene charm descends from the top of one of Lisbon’s hills towards the Tagus, accompanied by the bells of Basílica da Estrela and the verdant foliage of the parks – the Pombal-era facades, symmetrically aligned and noble in design, have been restored while preserving the original artistic elements, such as the small wrought iron balconies. The aim was to create a synchronicity between the preservation of the historical and the genuine and the need for modern housing.

The project’s spirit and particular identity have been instilled into a unique artwork by craftsman João Fernandes: a keyring-artefact made completely by hand from Tuscany leather using age-old techniques. These will be presented as a testament to the handing over of each house to its new resident and guardian. 

Engraved by hand on each keyring is the motto of Casas da Arriaga. 

We never fail to reach our expected destination. 
The rattle of a key in the door is a sign of life. 
On each key is a guardian,
linking the past with lives yet to be lived.

Architect: Manuel Aires Mateus
Craftsman: João Fernandes

The Casas da Arriaga constitute a total project area of 4,320m2 divided between housing, parking, gardens and other outdoor spaces.