Prefácio Sobre Barata Salgueiro Casas da Arriaga

Primosfera is an independent, family-run real-estate business. Its projects combine the singular vision of architects, artists and artisans with their integration into the immediate urban fabric, thus reviving and honouring heritage.

Primosfera restores, creates and builds. It seeks a balance between tradition and innovation, choosing its properties with the same patience and perspective one might use to create an art collection.

It values the genuine and aesthetically beautiful, providing a sensory experience with detailed attention to the type of materials: sustainable, naturally sourced, solid, lasting and environmentally friendly.

Thanks to its breadth of expertise, Primosfera conducts the entire development process in-house – from the initial concept to the finished product – in order to rehabilitate the past and elevate the present.

Miguel Charters

Charters regards the task of curating with the same unrushed devotion and diligence as a master artisan regards time. His identity suffuses each project, developed as a personal proposition, because he considers himself both the creator and user of the imagined space.  

His travels around the world have brought experiences, concepts and visions that apply to each new project, with the most genuine and relevant aspects being carefully selected. The process of creation and implementation are infused with the individual experiences of each journey, like someone who photographs a memory so that it can be developed at a later time.  

His vision is multi-disciplinary. He believes that architecture is to be used and lived in; that it is an art form which can hugely influence our well-being and ability to make good decisions. 

Primosfera was conceived as a creator of intangible and interlinking values, combining tradition and the avant-garde, heritage and innovation, and laying the foundations of a family legacy for future generations. 


Rua do Alecrim 26, 2º Esq
1200-018 Lisboa, Portugal
+351 21 324 5290